The Service Prescription

The Service Prescription

Since we first coined the term Positively Outrageous Service, readers (and listeners) have commented that POS must have been written ‘just for them.’  And, in a way, it was.  The original version contained stories for ‘everyman.’  They were stories that everyone could relate to and understand.

POS is made to order for healthcare. It’s an up close and personal style of service. Whether tender or playful, it is always personal; a moment shared one on one often with a perfect stranger.  It is nothing less than an act of unconditional love.

The Service PrescriptionIf you don’t enjoy a good story well told, if you are too uptight to laugh all the way from your belly… then read no further.  But if you want to know who to call for a good time, you’re in the right place!

BigResearchThere’s a serious side to The Service Prescription.  Thanks to our friends and colleagues at BIGResearch,  our new little book is absolutely packed with data you can use to shape your practice and change your life!

And so we offer The Service Prescription: Healthcare the Way It Was Meant to Be! Read, laugh, learn, enjoy, and share… or just have fun and make the world a better place!

“…so relevant to a good medical, dental or pharmacy practice that if one did not know you, they would swear you were working in one of the professions as a practitioner.”

Bill Morgan R.Ph.

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